The African American Cultural and Historical Museum was founded in 1993 to house, catalogue, preserve, display, and maintain a collection of artifacts, art, papers, books, photographs and other materials pertaining to the history and culture of African Americans in Washtenaw County. We now have the opportunity to secure a
permanent home for the AACHM at 1528 Pontiac Trail, where future generations will come to know the history and impact of this community. Your participation and support is vital to making this happen and we invite you to join.

Dedicated to the Preservation of Black History in Washtenaw County

• Collect, preserve and exhibit materials about African Americans in this county
• Provides a place to share historical documents, photographs, artifacts and more

Located in a culturally diverse and historic neighborhood

• 1528 Pontiac Trail is less than one mile from the Broadway Historic District
• Surrounded by more than eight Underground Railroad tour sites
• Minutes away from other historical houses, parks and buildings

Committed to youth, education and community engagement

• Walking distance from Northside Elementary School
• Education and conversation builds stronger families and communities.
• Enhanced collaboration with other historical and cultural institutions.